Amazon Kindle Fire – five reasons I can’t wait

I’m looking forward to the Kindle Fire, though no news as to when it may be released to the Australian market (if you’re desperate you could get it from the US).

Five reasons I’m excited about this:

  1. It’s a 7 inch tablet
  2. It’s supported by Amazon the largest online retailer (this could be bad/good)
  3. It has a USB port
  4. It runs Adobe flash
  5. It retails at $199 USD

I could think of a whole handful of other reasons why this will be great, but I just thought I’d throw those thoughts out there.

What are the cons?

The cons I can think of are probably the lack of unified world release dates, the content available to Australia and the low 8gb storage capacity. It’s also a new device in a heavily run Apple OS market. If Amazon can gain enough ground, this could be the product which moves some of the market away from Apple. The Samsung Galaxy looked promising, but patent drama aside, what Samsung lacks is the service side of the business which is Amazon’s core. It’ll definitely be really interesting to see how the Kindle Fire changes the market, especially considering this is a device that can do what the ipad can do but at a much cheaper price – for a consumption item it might hit the market where it’s most wanted/needed.

What features are you looking forward to seeing and would you get a Kindle/Ipad or is there something better?


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