16 Personalities, a way to understand yourself better?

For those new to the concept of personality types, MBTI is the Myer Briggs Type Indicator, a psychology tool (questionnaire) used to help you understand how you perceive and operate in the world based on a combination of four different categories and where you sit on the spectrum for each category, being:

  • Introverted vs Extraverted.
  • Sensing vs Intuition.
  • Thinking vs Feeling.
  • Judging vs Perceiving.

Prior to 2020, the last time I had done a personality test was back when there were only four different MBTI types – jump forward 20 years later and we now have 16 personality types, based on varying combinations of the above listed core areas!

A friend asked me my personality type, to which I replied, “I think INFJ”. Unsatisfied with my response, they sent through a link. I like a good quiz, so I didn’t hesitate at the request to try it. After running through the questionnaire, I waited eagerly to see what I would be. I wasn’t too far off my initial response and came back as an ENFJ – the Protagonist/Giver/Teacher. I read through each of the different traits for the ENFJ and found it surprisingly enlightening. There were elements it described, which I found an uncanny and fairly accurate description of me, there were smatterings which I found less accurate, but on the whole I embodied this personality type strongly! So many “ah-ha” moments as I scrolled through the information, nodding in agreement. It concisely explain parts of myself, I had trouble trying to articulate for the longest time!

16 different types you say

Yes! 16 different types, but potentially even more if you also gauge whether you’re “turbulent” or “assertive” like in the 16 Personalities test.

Types based off the 16 Personalities breakdown

For more information and a much more visually appealing version of the table, see https://www.16personalities.com/personality-types

Why you should find out your personality type

Even though I wouldn’t revolve my life around the information or “science” behind the 16 personality types (some have described it “flawed “and “pseudoscience”), I did find it helpful in giving me a way to see myself from an objective standpoint. For the amount of time required (and the submission of your email address), I found the test insightful because:

  • I understood myself better and in a way I may not have without taking the test.
  • It helped me to express my behaviours or thinking to others better.
  • It pointed out strengths and weaknesses to work on in my personal growth.
  • I realised there were some parts of me I just had to learn to love.
  • It also gave me context as a individual in the collective fabric of society.

Of course there are plenty of other tests out there (Big Five, Enneagram, DISC) which give you insight into personalities and since this sparked my interest, I tried a few others to see how close they came to each other. While each test have different categories and assessment criteria so they can’t be measured like for like, they definitely honed in on some fundamental traits that shared similarities.

I will caveat this with – everything that is helpful can also become unhelpful! So don’t use it to stereotype or discriminate yourself or others.

How do I find out my personality type?

Glad you asked! Check out these good resources I found while delving into the rabbit hole of personality types.

I found 16 Personalities to be the most aesthetic and simple version of the MBTI test to take. I also found the additional turbulent/assertive gauge to add another dimension to the types. It also had examples of real people or fictional characters for each type so you could see some of those traits being exercised in person.

Take the test for yourself:

16 Personalities test – https://www.16personalities.com/

You might also like Truityhttps://www.truity.com/ for a helpful and supplementary site in information to the 16 Personalities website.

YouTubers to watch for MBTI

I am no expert in this arena, but I have found these two YouTubers a good way to better understand the theory and they are both so entertaining, their depictions are on point!

Frank James has a great way of capturing the essence of MBTI personalities.

Dear Kristin is worth a watch for a similarly funny yet relatable way of describing the different personalities.

There is a huge following regarding personality types and some have honed this into degree level learning, so perhaps this isn’t news to you. Maybe you’re well aware of your personality type and how it all fits together with each different variation of tests. Let us know in the comments your type and if you’ve found it helpful to know this!


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