About us

Ant & Owl

Ant and Owl are best friends residing in metropolitan Sydney, Australia. Housemates who enjoy everything from playing computer games, musical instruments to checking out exhibitions, concerts and tasting the best of what’s around.

Owl keeps busy as an editor by day, whilst Ant dabbles in the sciences. Owl is often learning or improving things around the house. Ant enjoys the art of cooking and baking when happy or stressed (cooking in sadness is generally shunned).

Completing their friendship is beloved feline, Empress Dowager Keep Me Where the Light Is – a mistress of sleep deprivation and dog-like neediness.

We started this blog in the hopes to share the things we’ve found interesting in life, spread awareness about good causes and basically have a place to drop all that research and knowledge we’ve accumulated in our search for the best of what life has to offer.

We last blogged in May 2015, but we’ve recently decided to keep this site chugging along with our musings and thoughts! So we’re back as of August 2021!


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