Presenting: Owl’s Birthday Story

Once upon a time there was an Owl. It was Owl’s birthday and despite Ant’s best efforts to write Owl’s story at midnight on the 13th of October, WordPress decided that daylight savings hadn’t kicked in at Sydney yet so it published on the 12th. Sigh. Anyhoot, It was Owl’s b’day and Owl had a tad bit too much cheese but wanted moar:

Ant was in a bit of a predicament for there was no cake to be found. “Aha! I will nip across the road and steal the cake from that kid’s Bat Mitzvah,” thought Ant cleverly.

Unfortunately, this happened:

Should have left the cake alone… And then of all days it had to be the one where Ant forgot. Hmm… you can haz a

Just kidding!

Owl just couldn’t win, not even on a birthday! Oh well. Hammie Birthday, Owl! Thanks for all the fun times  🙂

Love, Her Royal Highness, the Empress Dowager Keep Me Where The Light Is. &


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Ant and Owl - best friends in Sydney, Australia sharing the best of what’s around.

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