Sky Comp Technology – Review

I’ve been looking for a computer parts company that could be trusted, was easy to deal with, and had a good range and great prices. I found these guys based on Castlereagh St in Sydney. Easy to deal with, they have excellent customer service – we all know of the cheaper places that have absolutely no customer service or abusive customer service…but not these guys! They are prompt with orders, I put through an online order and requested someone call me for my credit card details and I received a phone call 10 mins later on my mobile. All up the transaction took me 4 days to complete, with the longest time being when I could get in to collect the items even though the RAM was on backorder. They do have delivery, but I was going to be in the area so I decided to collect. Their prices are very competitive and you get emails keeping you in the loop regarding every step of your order. So far I have bought a CPU chip, TV tuner card and RAM off them and I’ve had a smooth transaction with no hassles. Very professional and highly recommended. They take credit card (there is a surcharge) and their website is well designed and easy to navigate. Very pleased with this find and looking forward to ordering from them again in the future.

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One thought on “Sky Comp Technology – Review”

  1. Im glad you have had a nice experience with Skycomp. I haven’t and since I don’t have a Blog to express myself I’ll take this opportunity to say a little here (thanks)
    I ordered 5 motherboards and they were received without any protective packaging, not motherboard box, just the electrostatic sleeve. No doubt they had a shakeup in transit, and when I sent an email about it I got a reply from what I can only guess was a 12 year old.

    Over the last 4 years I have spent ten’s of thousands of dollars on IT equipment, Ive dealt with most of the online stores. Some are just dreadful, some are hit and miss. So ask me which one I do most business with? PC-Case Gear. It’s the online computer store that has set the benchmark. Not only with competitive pricing, with Great English speaking customer service, respectable to all their clients regardless of race, warranty, or quantity ordered.

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