Endless Summer

The much-awaited Cornetto ad is out! Actually I’m a little slow on the uptake and stumbled across it by accident (haha). I haven’t caught it on tv yet but this ad has made ripples in the Australian blogosphere because some of our very famous bloggers are the special guests in this ad!
To be honest, I was excited because I wanted to see what Lorraine Elliot from Not Quite Nigella looked like. She has always been elusive in her blog except for the occasional reflection off a teapot or thermos. Check it out!

There are 5 fashion bloggers, 1 Food/Lifestyle and 1 isn’t a blogger per se. They are the band who wrote the song featured on the ad. They sound so good – that song is crazy catchy!
Join the conga-line at the Cornetto website for a chance at winning some great prizes and to read more about the aforementioned bloggers. You can enter once a day.

– ant –