Jurassic Lounge, Sydney

Jurassic Lounge has kicked off again for 2011 at the Australian Museum, it started on the 2 August and runs until 20 September – every Tuesday night from 5:30pm until 9:30pm. If you’re looking for something to do in Sydney this is worth checking out, but you must be over 18. The last trip to the museum for most people was probably during school or on the odd day out with the family, but now a great opportunity beckons you to come and hang out after hours and with twist.

Ant and I usually go every year to the Australian for the Wildlife Photography exhibitions and we thought it was great they have started to think outside the box and use the venue for some fun events which blend music, bars, DJs and all the old exhibitions you remember together. You can wander around and enjoy the different rooms and artists all for $15 (including one free drink)! There is also a silent disco which is pretty novel, complete with a DJ. For those who like knowing what they’re in for, you can even pre-book or plan your trip ahead on their website, which makes your evening out easier. If you’ve ever wanted to have your own “Night at the Museum” experience this one is for you!


Australian Museum
Tuesday nights (2 August – 20 September)
5:30pm till 9:30pm
Admission: $15 (one free drink included) and you must be over 18

Website: Jurassic Lounge