MALM IKEA drawers to guitar case storage

We bought two Malm IKEA chest of drawers (3 drawer set) in white. Probably the best buy from IKEA yet (in recent memory). I made them into a guitar case holder using grip mats (cheap variety shops) on top of the drawers and then using the wall to lean the cases against whilst resting on the top of the drawers. Now, not only do we now have great extra storage for clothes with the deep drawers, but also a good way of keeping the cases out of the way and easy to access. Using these drawers to prop up the cases has made a significant difference in brightening and tidying up the space. For $99 a unit the MALM were a great investment and have helped to utilise all that previously wasted vertical space. I’m glad we went with these and not some of my original guitar holding ideas! When we went to IKEA they even had the “eat your discount” on too in Sydney! Score!

Here are some pictures of what it looks like.

Basically, you’d only be as limited as your wall space and if you don’t need all the space for guitars the drawer tops make great storage space for anything else you might want to display or have easy access too, so you could have half guitar case storage, half a space for your books etc.

I also got Ant to help make some plaques which I place behind each resting head of the case, this helps to:

  1. keep each guitar in its place;
  2. keep the cases from marking the newly painted walls; and
  3. help me identify which guitar is in the case.

Name plaque made of good cushioning cardboard

What are some of the ways you get around storing guitar cases? I would love to hear other suggestions or novel ideas!