Egbert for breakfast

Valentine’s Day and I’ve got the day off so I decided to make Owl some special eggs and toast for breakfast.

Owl's Egbert
Owl's Egbert

I can’t remember what these are called and where I first saw them, but I thought they were mighty cute and so versatile as you could technically make any shape with whatever cookie cutters you have. I have dubbed them Egberts because it sounds like egg bread.

Elephant Egbert
Elephant cut-out Egbert


Brioche (goes better than normal bread)


  1. Cut a shape out from the middle of a slice of brioche or bread.
  2. Butter both sides and fry one side.
  3. When golden brown, flip it over and crack an egg into the hole. Fry until egg is cooked through, or you may want to leave the yolk runny.
  4. Salt Egbert a little bit for flavour (unless you have bacon then thats salty enough).
  5. Griddle the buttered cut-outs or save them to make crouton shapes!

Talk about eating your heart out lol. Happy Valentines Day!  ♥