The Terrace Thai, Pyrmont

I get cravings for Thai food and currently my favourite place to eat is Terrace Thai in Pyrmont. Terrace Thai has reasonably consistent customer service and well priced lunch meals. Dishes have good portion sizes and the décor if you dine in is quite pretty.  It’s definitely worth trying if you are in the Pyrmont area, though I would probably recommend going here for lunch over dinner as the prices go up at night, but the portion sizes stay the same – so no real extra bang for your buck. It’s newly opened since mid 2010, and I’ve probably come back here six times for either lunch, dinner or take away. The wait staff are nice and usually quick to serve you, though it does hit peak traffic around 1pm for lunch and will often be a full house and very difficult to find a seat (especially on Fridays).

Chicken Pad Thai
Mix your own Pad Thai flavour

I love the chicken Pad Thai they do – it’s not too sweet or bland and a good portion size (lunch time in-house), which comes with sugar, chilli flakes and peanuts on the side so you can customise the meal to your taste. It is probably one of the better Pad Thai’s I have had and when it’s good it’s sublime, though I have found it can sometimes be inconsistent. Another well done dish is the Thai Beef salad, which is a real treat – very tasty and highly recommended. We have ordered take away for dinner once, and the papaya salad was an interesting choice with soft shell crab and worth a try. The curries have a good flavour, and satay skewers are also reasonably priced and tasty.

Thai Beef Salad
Lunch time portion of Thai Beef Salad

Meals range from $6 – $15 for the lunch menu and between $7 – $30 for the dinner menu.

They have free delivery for take away provided you’re in the general vicinity and order a minimum of $20 (or there is a surcharge). Service is prompt and you get the food in a nice brown paper bag. Noodles come in the cool paper Asian takeaway boxes so you can eat out just like they do in American television shows (this was a big plus for Ant).

They have a comprehensive well designed website with all the menus available on there in PDF, as well as, online ordering and reservations! I love when restaurants have an online presence, it makes it so much easier to scope the place out and make bookings – especially since you don’t have to wait on phones or wait until opening hours to call.

While the restaurant has a beautiful set up, the sound can be quite loud when busy and the background music can be a little loud. If you’re seated along the lounge wall it is probably best to acquire some pillows to prop yourself up as well as there is quite a height discrepancy between you and the table even for those not generally height challenged. On the plus side, it means you’re closer to the food and so less likely to splatter yourself with any tricky or saucy dishes.

In summary

Price – 4/5 (for lunch), 3/5 (dinner)
Ambience – 4/5
Portion sizes – 3/5
Customer service – 3.5/5

The Terrace Thai

G03/55 Miller Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009
Tel: (02) 9518-9588
Fax: (02) 9518-9885

Trading Hours Lunch: Monday-Sunday 11.30am – 3pm
Dinner: Monday-Sunday 5pm – 10pm