Online bake sale for Japan

Bid on hundreds of yummy baked goods to help Japan

The day is finally here where will host their Bake Sale to raise funds towards Second Harvest Japan, the nation’s first food bank. There are so many scrumptious delicacies on offer but unfortunately most of them are in America  😦  Which really is a shame too because I have yet to experience American baking in all its full glory. I have had some, just not enough!  😛

After scouring the list of goodies it seems that the only Australian munchies on offer come from Manu (not the french guy on MKR) and NQN.

If you feel like consuming some yummies made from famous people and not feel guilty because it’s for a good cause then go right ahead and start your bidding! I think tomatotart is in San Francisco so bidding probably won’t start until like 7pm Sydney time if they start at midnight San Fran time. Maybe.  When theres cake to be had nobody bothers with the details  :p

– ant –