An Education

When my housemate came back with 7 DVDs to watch I jumped at the chance to watch ‘An Education’. Released in 2009, the trailer looked good and the reviews were promising. And anyway, the actors spoke with a British accent – always a plus in my books.
Even in the comfort of my home, with the ability to pause and cook a meal in between, I found this movie to be tediously long and somewhat creepy. It was practically a movie about pedophilia with the 16 year old girl being seduced into marriage by an older man. His age is never mentioned but he has got to be early 40s and late 30s at best.
Her father approves of the marriage because he thinks she is marrying into a life of luxury without having to work for it even though her feminist teachers think otherwise (this was set in the 60s). The ending was predictable with the 16 year old finding out that older man is married with a kid, is devastated she dropped out of school for a lie, and decides to repeat her last year so she can get into Oxford University. How could it turn out otherwise with a title like this?
Bottom line is, it’s a terrible movie. The moral of the story is aimed at 16 year olds but the movie is too raunchy for them and for us who are old enough to watch it, it’s a lesson we already know. Don’t waste 2 hours of your life watching something which is anything but an education. At least American Beauty developed other themes to keep us interested.

Rating: 1/5

– ant –