Purina Shedeze – Dog or cat deshedding tool

Since I’ve been so quiet, I thought I’d add something I’ve been impressed with lately!

We procured some supplies for Empress Dowager from our local Petbarn and one of the things we came away with was the Purina Shedeze (a deshedding brush). We had seen this advertised somewhere previously and liked that it went through and stripped the undercoat, while leaving the top coat of the animal. It has a nifty button to push off the collected fur once you’ve finished brushing your furry friend, as well as, an easy to use screw flip blade system – which switches between coarse and fine teeth. The brush we bought was the small sized brush, which was $39 (referred to as ‘small sized dog’). It is a bit odd that they only advertised the brush as a dog grooming tool on the packaging, but I did ask a few staff members and was assured it would be fine for cats. This made sense as I’d seen the online Purina site, which had cats being brushed with it. So I suppose a bad packaging scheme for them, but don’t be tricked!

Anyways, I tried the Shedeze straight away when we got home and the cat loves it – she’s rolling around and purring loudly lapping up the brushing, but that is her default. I think the best part about this brush is that you’re actually having fun while combing the cat and the cat also enjoys it to no end.

Deshedding tool
Easy to use and surprisingly fun

I’d definitely recommend having a look at this if you’ve got a cat/dog which generally sheds a fair bit or if you just want something that’s going to help your pet out for the hot summer days.

Update: we lent this to a veterinarian friend of ours who wanted to try it on her pet cat before investing, her cat also really enjoyed it and she ended up purchasing one for her cat too.

If you’re cat is not a big brush fan, they may find it a little odd. I’ve now gotten into the habit of brushing our cat every afternoon when I come home. She will automatically run to the shower and wait to be brushed, the Shedeze is great every now and then. Otherwise, I use a rubber brush as seen below and she loves it.