Ant’s B’day Blog

Wow! I had a blast on my birthday thanks to Owl’s astute planning. Rather than tell you what we got up to, I thought I’d just make a picture blog in (somewhat) chronological order. Too bad I missed some photos though but I’ve never been good at photo taking.

viva goaFinally got to try Viva Goa with the family. Pork belly was absolutely delicious. I love the sign – It’s so bloody different! lol. The irony is that it wasn’t that different…

flowersA little birthday surprise as I wandered down the street to meet up with Owl after work.We spent ages decorating the vase  :p  I want a dress like the colour of the tulips. So beautilful!

cookieThe choc chip cookie from Ice + Slice made it to the SMH Top 10 so us Stooges had to visit it after dinner at Khammadenu. Both were really yummy and I would so do the whole night again. Love you guys  🙂  The cookie was the size of my hand!

Zumbo goodiesAlways wanted to try Zumbo’s stuff so we finally went! They didn’t have salted popcorn and the lemon macaron tasted like a crayon  T_T  I liked the lemon curd in the sugar lip though.

chicken caeser

club sandwichSought out a less busy cafe in Balmain. Can’t go wrong with a sunny day, good cappuccino and tasty Chicken Caeser Salad!

cake!Lets make a choc fudge cake tastier by adding a layer of Nutella  (:

cake!Teehee Happy BIRTH!  😀

pressies!Some of my spoils. I think the piece de resistance is definitely the beautiful portrait Owl commissioned of the Empress Dowager by artist David Oberdorf. Thanks Owl! You’re the best.  🙂

Coming up – my birthday dinner at Kazbah involving camel kaftas and belly dancers!

– ant –