Where have all the good post gone?

In case you’re feeling a little abandoned and wondering if I didn’t survive the KFC double or where we’ve run off too, well we haven’t run off yet. We will be running off soon though so we’ll have some fun reviews and experiences to add shortly after we visit Malaysia! You’ll get first hand information on the best places for the best Malaysia has to offer (with genuine insider knowledge ;). I thought I’d also post a few things we have in the pipeline that we’ll get around to adding as soon as we can, we’ve been a bit busy and a little slack. So apologies in advance! Here is what you can expect soon!

  • Review on Medusa Greek Restaurant Sydney
  • Review on Hamachi-ya Japanese Restaurant Pyrmont
  • A one month user review on the ipod touch 4g
  • Fun apps you should install on your iphone/ipod/ipad
  • Malaysia and its food glory
  • Launceston, Tasmania

They are just a few of the things we will have up over the next little while.



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Ant and Owl - best friends in Sydney, Australia sharing the best of what’s around.

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