The King’s Speech

We went to watch The King’s Speech today and it is definitely worth all the hype that has been floating around it. A great movie, it really came from quite a charming perspective. Colin Firth plays King George VI and does a wonderful job portraying the affectionately named “Bertie”, a Prince torn between his duties and his insecurities. Geoffrey Rush plays Lionel Logue with authentic Australian charisma and Helena Bonham Carter channels a young Elizabeth (the late Queen’s mother) which captures the memories of her that made her such a hit in her older years with the common folk. If you have not seen it, you are missing a gem. It is well cast and well acted, the portrayal of these historical figures is uncannily good – particularly in capturing personalities, mannerisms and accents.

Overall, it gives fond insight on a family we are mostly detached from these days, and brings to life real people thrust into positions they are not always comfortable undertaking. Even if you have no idea whom the real people are, you will be able to appreciate the journey. It is funny, clever and a feel good movie based on an otherwise untouched historical figure.

It was refreshing and easy to relate to – insecurity, persistence and friendship. So many works focus on the scandal and sensational abdication of George IV’s brother Edward the VIII, this makes for something different and special. I liked that it was portrayed with a level of accuracy, it was well written by David Seidler and directed superbly by Tom Hooper. It gets a high recommendation in my books as a great movie worth watching, well worth 5 out of 5!



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