Stop The Fires!

The Hallow’s End holiday is here at World of Warcraft and after a few failed attempts at doing the ‘Stop The Fires’ quest, here are some tips.

1. For The Horde, the quest can be done at Razor Hill, Brill and Falconwing Square. The most frequented one had always been Brill but I am here to tell you that the easiest place to do it is Falconwing Square, Silvermoon.

World of Warcraft screenshot
Check out the proximity!

This is because the proximity of the water to the buildings is very close such that only a few steps is required to put the fires out. I have managed to do this quest with only 1 other person. There are also no obstructions to distract you between tub & building.

2. Sometimes we wait around for ages for the quest to start. It’s a trigger action so to start it, just drop your quest and pick it up again (from the Matron). If that doesn’t work, it’s bugged – try FWS  :p

3. In order to speed it up, make sure you hotkey your bucket. Also, eat the Tricky Treats (drop from the Headless Horseman dungeon) to give yourselves a 30 sec speed boost. Just make sure your boost buff runs out before you eat another one otherwise you could get the ‘Out With It’ achieve but won’t be able to eat any candy for the next 15 mins which means no more buffs.

I’m rather disappointed that Blizz has discontinued their annual pumpkin carving competition. There were such amazing works of art.  😦  C’mon Blizz – pick up your game!

– ant –


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